Other characters in Boxhead

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There are some other characters also in Boxhead. Bert Boxman is a sergeant who has took up some secret case around the world. He was an ex-serviceman. People have called for his service so that they boxhead can rid the city from the attack of the zombies.

People of the city have used their own money to get his service. Blind is another character who is from UK and he is a secret agent also. He has got a skill of combatting and can also romance with the woman.

He spends his most time in protecting the England country. Bon is the member of the US SWAT. He has joined with Bambo to help the civilians in the room and to combat the attack of the zombies. He has got a skill of rescuing the embassy. He is known for arresting the criminals and climbing skills. In his spare time, he loves to do some cooking. All thgese characters are important as they provide support and help to the Bambo in combating the zombie attacks.


Change the deck anytime in World of Solitaire

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Apart from the number of games that are available in the website, the most astounding feature is the free availability of the game. Players can change the background of the deck and the background of the cards anytime they want. Hints are available whenever the player gets stuck while play world of solitaire arranging the card. This makes the game more helpful for others to understand. Players who are new in this type of card games can learn from the videos that are available in the website.

This developer has provided separate videos for every mode of the game. The instructions that are provided in the website are very much unique and player can also learn by reading them as they are written in a very plane and lucid language. There is also a timer available in the website and players can check the time which they require to finish a single game. There is an animated picture also which gets displayed when the player completes a given objective.

Asian Pirates

Trollface Quest 5 Game

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Trolling is really fun. The word troll itself brings smile on the face of many. No wonder, the game Trollface Quest is quite an awesome trollface quest 3 game. The game is all about trolling. To complete the levels try and think of the craziest or the most twisted thing to do when you are presented with a situation. The better you are at thinking out of the box (well, this is what really thinking out of the box is) the better are your chances of flying through the levels.

You get a character and there are various supporting items and characters or even animals. Think of the worst possible idea in a particular situation. Take your mouse over the various items in the screen to see where the clickable locations are. Then find the evilest spot and you might be bang on. The game does not give you any limit as to number of times you may try to clear a level. However, if you are not as crazy as you though, worry not. The walkthrough video will help you find your way.


Vex 2-Speedy Stick Man

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After the success of Vex, the developers introduced the second installment of the game with new adventurous, obstacles vex 3 and levels that you will play to have a great time and you will be awarded achievements that will want you to accomplish more.

For getting a grip on the game, you should first consider playing the tutorial levels and after that start with the real competitive levels. Total ten levels in the game are called acts. Your goal is to accomplish all the levels in the least amount of time and as you complete an act, you will get some prizes.

This version of the game has also been made interesting with the addition of achievements. Almost 29 achievements have been added in the game that you have to accomplish and as you start achieving the goals, the level of the game becomes difficult. With each proceeding achievement, the things get difficult in the game so you must be determined to win the game and all the achievements at all costs if you want to become the best player of the game. You can also use the stage-building mode in this installment of the game.



Summing up Yandere Simulator

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This Yandere Simulator is a yandere simulator download stealth action game with a very different kind of story. But practically speaking, this kind of story made in school is not appropriate for gamers. Yandere Simulator is not meant for the children as it has some adult contents in it. Frequent updates may sometimes be a hassle for Yandere Simulators to play Yandere Simulator freely.

Every time Yandere Simulators require installing the update to play Yandere Simulator. The story of Yandere Simulator that revolves around a small school girl is quite unconventional and the activities, this girl do is also a bit different. Gamers require planning a unique strategy to defeat the invincible rival in Yandere Simulator. At some stages, Yandere Simulator is very difficult and it becomes very hard to beat the opponent.


Bloons Tower Defense 4 – The Classic Defense

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Now that you unlock all bloons tower defense 5 the items and towers in Bloons TD 4 it is now time to learn the classic defense. You should learn the powerful attacks of the money apprentice towers that can defeat just about any wave once fully upgraded. These little funny guys with strange looking hats are the most powerful towers in Bloons TD 4. Your goal is to build a defense that composed of these towers and you can start building it after completing level 50 and onwards.

You need to slowly replace the towers positioned near the exit with these powerful towers and upgrade them to their final option. Slowly replace other towers with them until you arrive at the entrance and have entire track full of these magical apprentices that are fully upgraded. And since they have a powerful attack that can push the enemies back, they are perfect on handling any type of wave that you will encounter.

You can also include mortar towers on areas where they are not affecting your defense and then let them attack the entrance to reduce the numbers of the bloons as much as possible. With these defenses you can proceed on the higher level easily and complete the game successfully.


Free cheats and hints for gunblood

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Gunblood is a ready those gunblood that really like shooting video games, gunblood task should be just regarding the most popular alternatives to play. This entertainment is often easily accessible absolutely free. The cheats and tips are offered on internet free of charge. This means you could entry the sport at any time provided that you have a PC as well as internet links.

You don’t truly should make some deposit give that the need to Engage in the sport. Merely make a check out to the site that supplies Gunblood entertainment and afterwards you could start delighting in the online game just as much as you need. Furthermore, you might also discover a bunch of a great deal a lot more taking Gunblood cheats absolutely free that turn out to be favored by many online passionate players in all around the globe. So, acquire the gunblood on online flash online games as well as start maximizing the gameplay.


Learn to Fly 3 Latest Developments

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Lighbringers continue to made some adjustments and enhancements on the present edition of Learn to Fly. This makes the game more exciting, learn to fly 2 funny and entertaining. Some of the latest developments are as follows:

* Clearer sky/clouds movements
* Now with over 50 different obstacles in the air, many with unique behaviors
* Most of the Bonus items and other items are now implemented and working. Gimmicks, jokes and optional stuff are still not working.
* Lightbringers has done some major re-balancing which changed the flow of the game. There are still some tweaks to be added in the future.
* Added more functions to the shop like duplicating items, moving items around, quick-selling and others.
* More options were added, from quality to fully-customizable controls.
* Over levels were added on every item in the game. You can upgrade anything you like if you have money.
* All are customized. You can choose which info you want to show like wind, speed, drag, altitude and others. You can also change the HUD styles.
* If you the obstacles hard enough you can now destroy them.
* You can turn off/on bonus items once you purchased them.
* There are 63 medals
* Complete overhaul of the shop screen and the bonus shop screen.
* You can now get 5 special rewards once you complete the game

Lightbringers will be introducing more developments in the game so you better watch out. The next you play the game you will be surprised.


Run – To Save Your Life

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Run is a simple flash game that gives you a chance to test run 3 your running as well as concentration skills. From the looks, this flash game seems like pretty simple and straight forward, but once you start playing it, it can really make you run for your life.

The controls of the game are very simple, basically, you only use three keyboard keys to run, jump and move in the game. These control keys are:

Right Arrow Key to move to the right
Left Arrow Key to move to the left
Up Arrow Key/Spacebar Key to jump
Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys in you feel more comfortable using them.

In order to win the game, you must keep your eyes focused on the track, because if you lose your concentration for a single second, you may find yourself in a ditch.



Red Ball 1 – The Best Physics Puzzle Game

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This highly addictive physics puzzle game was released way back in 2014 and got famous red ball 4 across the globe in no time. The game was published by FDG Mobile Games GbR and was recommended for players 4 and above.

Ever since the first edition of the game was released 7 new versions of this game were introduced in the market and all of them got the same appreciation and response from the players.

The Goal
As the name suggests, your goal is to guide the red ball in the right direction in order to earn more points and move to the next stage. However, it is easier said than done, there are many obstacles and hurdles in the way and it is never an easy task to control the movement of the ball. If you are not good with the controls, you will face difficulties controlling and guiding the red ball in the right direction.